Choosing the Right Data Collection Method

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#Data | Data is a big part of what we do. We are bound to make data-driven decisions and update or revise programs based on what the data tell us. However, it is possible to be so consumed with data that it interferes with learning. How well can a person engage and think on their feet if Read more about Choosing the Right Data Collection Method[…]
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Vestido Com Renda Midi Tubinho

#Vestido | Modelo tubinho, gola v e 3/4 manga. O charme do modelo é com renda guipir na parte de cima e com cinto que vão deixar seu look ainda mais feminina e delicada.
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Vestido Peplum Midi Na Cintura

#Vestido | Confeccionado em malha macia e de alta qualidade. Vestido bicolor com babado na cintura formando peplum, possui gola v, 3/4 manga e com cinto na cintura.
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