The Science Of Getting Dirty In Nascar #Dirty

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#Dirty | Nascar will soon try something it hasn’t done since 1970: Stage a Cup race on dirt. The high-banked half mile concrete Bristol Motor Speedway has been paved with dirt. It’s something that track has done before so they have some experience, but there is some science that went into the transformation.
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The Best of Memorial Day Weekend Sales

#Weekend | Chandelier and Rug On Sale Now! – PC: Rebekah Westover Mirror and Dresser On Sale Now! – PC: Rebekah Westover Step Stool and Flush Mount Light On Sale Now with Code: LIVEWELL! – PC: Rebekah Westover Large Ivy Pendant  On Sale Now – Family Ties Custom Build Master Bath – PC: Rebekah Westover This weekend is great for twoRead More
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My 5 Nightstand Essentials

#Essentials | I recently realized that I have some nightstand essentials that I absolutely require and wanted to share them with you, such as a catchall & carafe.
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